Natural Pain Relief, that is actually Good for the body!

I recently went through some physically rough weeks. I had been in bed for a few years while I was healing from Hepatitis C.  When I finished the treatment and found my viral load was all but gone, I started my reentry back into the world outside my front door.

One of the things that was profound was my age. In the years I'd spent in bed, I had crossed the  60 year mark.  What that meant to me was primarily that I did not have my muscle center I'd always had and getting it back was no small task.

As I gained walking time, I ran into some real truths.  The stairs in our home became a wonder and a curse.  I loved using them as a stairmaster, on the otherhand, I took a few tumbles down them, and one of the times, I tore my rotator cuff in my shoulder. 

Within a few weeks I was living with Chronic Pain.  Using Motrin to control the pain was working, but sincerely only  masking the pain and I was taking a lot of it.  Also, as soon as it would start to wear off, i'd have to run for more, so great was the pain. 


It was around this time that I 'found" an amazing supplement that provided natural pain relief. The product was completely green, and had absolutley  no chemicals in it. That was a reflief, as my poor organs had been exposed to so much medication over the past years that it was taking its toll. 

I must admit I had very little faith that a plant based suppliment was going to seriously control the pain, but I had hopes that it might at least support the healing, maybe take the damage from the Motrin, and balance it a little beter. 

I started by taking 2 caps a day, morning and night. I DID stay of the Motrin which was brutal, as I had mentioned, the now chronic pain was excruciating. 

One thing about pain that I found ironic is this: When I'm in pain I'm very aware of it and it can run my life. However, when the pain is gone, I often don't notice.  Its as if the need for the pain to remind me of what is going on with my body is going through is a needed piece of the healing.. 

Well, true to that, I was about 8 days in to taking this product when I found myself on Saturday morning brushing my  hair.  Hand over my head, and really pulling at my long locks. 

Well,  I was stopped in my tracks. I stoood up and moved my arm around and sure enough the pain was gone. Here was a Natural Pain relief product that was actually doing what it had promised. 


I called my friend to find out the company was just about to launch. I knew, in that moment I wanted to be a distributor!  I want the world to know this amazing alternative to NSAIDs is available for the general public.  A healthy Natural Pain Relief product that anyone could take, 


To try it out today, click on th link, and pick which products you want to use. I suggest all through as they really work together beautifully, However, we leave that up to you. 

Today, the price is 79.99 and it comes with a full, 60 day, empty bottle guarantee.  We are thta tsure about the product.Use Code TwitShip and get free shipping on your first order.