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TWO capsules  of STEM ENHANCE Ultra releases millions of Adult Stem Cells into your bloodstream!! 


Cyative, Naturally Soothe inflammation

A proprietary Blend proven to help calm inflammation associated with many  health issues.

Balancing whole-body inflammation assists the homing of stem cells to affected tissues. 

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Stem Cell Health in a Bottle-This is Our Premier Product. Helping to Heal Your Body From the inside out!


I was in an auto accident and had torn my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I was living on ibuprofen, round the clock. When I started taking Cyactive, quite frankly, I expected other supplements to help with joint pain, and other ailments. they have "helped" but none have ever relieved the pain completely.  Well, after 8 days taking the supplement, I woke up and forgetting I was injured (old age) I raised my arms to stretch and there was NO PAIN. I mean, none!! I was shocked. I called  Bill to report my results. He laughed and said, "I get these call a lot. I am glad you are feeling better". I will never look back. I stopped taking all OTC meds and continued to take the Cyactive. I have seen my doctor since and he was amazed. I continue to take Cyactive, because if it does that for my injury, I can only imagine what it is doing to the silent inflammation inside my old body. Thank You Bill, Thank You Cerule. Thank you

Susan Lucky, , Results many vary from person to person

I have suffered from depression for many many years. I have used anti depression medication and continue to use medications. However, sadly, even with medication and monitoring my foods, I continue to suffer. I found Stem Enhance Ultra online. I took it with not much hope. Through the years, I have tried many products. I started with 2 in the morning and then 2 at bedtime. I didn't really notice much. At about two weeks I went to visit my sister. Sadly, I forgot my supplements. Within 2 days, I noticed the darkness coming over me. I slept in, felt lethargic. This was new. When I got home, I immediately took 2 capsules. For a few more days the darkness continued, but on the 4th day, I woke up feeling so much better. I realized I was having fantastic results. It was not until I had stopped taking the product, that i realized how much it was helping. I have stayed on Stem enhance ultra for over 6 months now and I have cut back on some of my meds. I steadily feel better and better. I awake with ease, I sleep better at night and "The Blues" just seem to stay at bay. I am on autoship, so I will never be without them again. Forever, I am indebted to Cerule, for this amazing supplement.

James Culbreath, , Results many vary from person to person

I purchased Cyactive from Bill back in January. I have had foot pain for many years, and use pain pills regularly to be able to get out and walk about.l I started taking the product at 2 capsules in AM and PM. After only 5 as, I woke up to find, he pain in my feet was gone. GONE. I could not believe it.  I had to call Bill immediately. I was in tears. I never expected this kind of result. I ordered 2 more bottles right away. I knew I needed to have this, forever.  One month later, my husband took me to to Australia for 2 weeks where I walked over 75 miles!!! I will forever be grateful and now take all 3 products. I am on Autoship so I never run out.

Vicki Hillard, , Results many vary from person to person